Terms and Conditions

  • POSTULATE facilitates live projects to enhance the practical application of the skills acquired through the training program. To be eligible for Live Projects, a participant must have completed at least 80% of the Assignments given by POSTULATE.
  • If the participant/ customer opts for an EMI payment which is provided by our FinTech partners, the course completion and project completion certificates will be withheld till we receive a NOC(No-Due Certificate) from the FinTech partner. Though POSTULATE has no role to play in the agreement which is signed between the applicant and the FinTech partner, it is our moral obligation to ensure that the payments/ EMI are fully received by the FinTech partner. LMS access will be blocked in case of any non-payment notification received from the FinTech partner and will be reactivated after a “go ahead” from the Fintech Partner.
  • Any service charges or bank charges incurred by the applicant while availing EMI facility will be borne by the applicant and POSTULATE holds no responsibility in these areas.
  • In case a participant/ customer is provided with Installment Plan, in case of any delay or non-payment of the installments will be treated as a violation of the Terms and Conditions of POSTULATE. This would force us to block the LMS access and the participant will not be allowed to attend any classes under any circumstances. The access to LMS and classes shall be reinstated after clearing the dues. A late payment fee of 2% on the due amount will be levied if the payment is made after the due date.
  • The remuneration and benefits offered by the hiring organization will be on par with the industry standards for the relevant experience, qualifications, and performance in the interview. POSTULATE does not guarantee any minimum salary for placements.
  • POSTULATE will not be held responsible for the termination of employment from the organization where the participant has been placed due to unsatisfactory performance.
  • Multiple "Value-add" on various topics will be conducted at different time schedules as and when the logistics for the same is feasible.
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